Developing a God Complex


It’s not what you think. The term “God Complex” has been misused for as long as it’s been part of the lexicon. Don’t beat yourself up about getting it wrong. I, too, once thought of it as a way to denigrate those who are on a perpetual power trip. A recent conversation changed all that.

I was chatting with my mother recently about giving. We agreed that, while the act of giving is frequently seen as a sacrifice, it always ends up leaving the giver feeling “warm and fuzzy”. Why does it feel good to give? It feels good because giving is an act of love, and acts of love give us a clear glimpse into the heart of the Almighty.


This tiny insight offers an opportunity to redefine the God Complex. It is not about a power trip. It’s about loving without reservation. And it’s crazy tough to practice! Here’s how to get started:

  • Offer ourselves as a sacrifice. Whether time, talent, or treasure, we all have an abundance from which others can benefit.
  • Give without expectation. We can give out of pure love, confident that we a fulfilling a need and not depending on the attitude of the recipient to validate our gift.
  • Take joy in the response. When we receive appreciation in return, we can experience true joy. This is not a requirement, but a welcome bonus.

Let’s take “God Complex” back! From this point forward, every time I hear it, I’ll change the picture in my head. I resolve to no longer see a selfish, cutthroat megalomaniac. Starting right now, I’ll see a sacrificial giver, full of joy and reveling in the impact they can make with their love. I’m hoping to develop a God Complex of my own. Care to join me?


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